The new Charnwood C-Four Stove is the latest model in the classic Charnwood C-Series. Available as either a multi-fuel stove or a wood burner, the C-Four combines contemporary charm and elegance with mature stove technology to produce a stylish and welcoming focal point.Charnwood Stoves Farnham Hampshire


The 4.9kW C-Four wood burning stove with its one single air control offers ultra-clean burning together with truly outstanding efficiency. The C-Four is also a DEFRA-exempted appliance which means it is permissible to burn wood in a designated smoke control area. External air can also be drawn into the stove through a separate outlet to optimise C-Four performance and efficiency. The C-Four’s single door incorporates a clear ceramic glass front which allows enhanced enjoyment of the log-burning stove experience. Solid steel-built, with a cast iron door, the Charnwood C-Four features a smooth black finish as standard with the option to choose from a further seven colour finishes.


If your wood stove experience includes gazing at smoky logs through soot-encrusted doors, you will love the C-Four’s clean burn and air wash features. The Charnwood system carefully controls and directs the incoming airflow to create optimum burning conditions and thus maximise performance. Improved fuel burning ensures volatile by-products released during the initial burning stage are burned off in a secondary burning phase. The double combustion significantly reduces emissions and residues caused by the burning process which in turn reduces the ash deposits. Heat which would otherwise disappear into the flue is recovered to further warm your room and increase fuel efficiency whilst also reducing carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. As a result, you can enjoy a clear and completely uninterrupted view of your log-burning fire.

In use, the C-Four can take logs up to 255mm (10 inches) in length and is easily controlled via its three-position air control. A drop-down throat plate allows easy access to the chimney so your chimney sweeping can be done through the stove, avoiding the need to install a separate soot door just for this purpose.

Useful options include a reciprocating grate for multi-fuel conversion, an innovative flue boiler which exploits heat recovered from flue gases, and an attractive and space-saving stand for storing logs.

The Charnwood C-Four is a great example of modern energy-efficient stove technology which can deliver you a warm, cleaner home and a cleaner chimney with reduced emissions contributing to a cleaner environment for us all.

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