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Jetmaster Smoke Free Fireboxes

Since 1951 Jetmaster has been manufacturing fireplaces of distinction, bringing warmth to homes worldwide. The patented convection heating design increases the heating capacity of normal brick or stone open fires by as much as five times. The convection heating system allows the room to be heated in two ways: Firstly, from radiated heat directly off the fire itself and secondly by convected heat from the air that is heated as it travels through the convection chamber.

If installed as per the installation instructions the Jetmaster fire can eliminate unpleasant smoking fires.  Jetmaster has a no smoke guarantee and all Jetmaster fires are manufactured to a strict quality specification. Eco Fires and Stoves installs Jetmaster stoves in the Reading area. We undertake surveys in Shinfield, Winnersh, Caversham, Twyford and Woodley. For installation advice and to view Jetmaster stoves please call us on 01252 815100. In particular Eco Fires and Stoves recommends:

The Jetbox

The Jetbox’s versatile design suits class 2 and class 1 chimneys. No air vent is required on the 16″ model.  Jetbox is designed for easy installation. Irregular coal lay.  Fully variable heat output

An innovative remote control allows you to light and control your fire from the comfort of your armchair. The remote is fully battery operated so it still operates during mains failures unlike electric versions. All models come with a remote control.  Jetmaster gas can have a safe handheld remote control option. This remote control can light the pilot light so you have no fear of a gas pilot running overnight.  The pilot is fully variable between high and low at the push of a button.

For more information or call us on 01252 815100.