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Nordpeis Stoves

Nordpeis is a Norwegian brand with a range of traditional and contemporary designs. Nordpeis is well known for the in built technology such as secondary combustion and its powerful airwash system in their appliances.

Norpeis best selling products are the N22, N25 and the Orion which were designed and manufactured solely for the UK market place. Nordpeis produces purely wood and solid fuel stoves with a variety of heat outputs. Eco Fires and Stoves installs Nordpeis stoves in the Farnham and Guildford area. We undertake surveys in Frensham, Elstead, Tilford, Bordon and Bentley. For installation advice and to view Nordpeis stoves please call us on 01252 815100. In particular Eco Fires and Stoves recommends:

The Nordpeis N22 Stove

The N22 is one of our best selling Nordpeis appliances second only to its bigger brother the N25. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for a stove which will suit a classic inglenook fireplace. The stove is available with a canopy as an optional extra which adds a touch of period style to the stove.

An outstanding feature of this stove is the concertina doors which will enable you to enjoy the experience of an open fire with the doors open but you can also benefit from the high efficiency levels of a stove with the doors closed. The secondary combustion system burns the fuel a second time round ensuring that the maximum efficiency is gained from the fuel and in turn reduces the level of harmful emissions into the earth’s atmosphere so that you can do your bit to protect the environment. Because this stove is lined with thermotte bricks the inside of the appliance always stays clean.

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