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Stovax cast Victorian fireplace inserts
Established in 1981, Stovax has expanded continuously to become, together with its sister company Gazco, one of the leading forces in the British and European fireplace and stove market. Continuous investment into research, innovative design and product development has created what is probably one of the largest ranges of fires, fireplaces and stoves available, whether you wish to heat with logs, solid fuel, oil, gas or electricity.

As the Georgian era developed, increasing numbers of the more wealthy landowners started to build or lease town houses in London. The fireplace in these homes still retained its place as the focus of the room but was, or necessity, generally smaller than the grand, open chimneys incorporated into the ‘ancestral seat’. Initially the brick opening of the town fireplace would contain an elaborate fire basket. Progressively, however, the addition of a cast iron front which could decrease, hide or improve the look of the opening became a typical feature. Taking inspiration from period originals, Stovax has produced three masterpieces (Belgravia, Burlington and Chelsea) of casting to exemplify the London style. All models are available fully polished and are, therefore, equally suitable for use in some of today’s contemporary settings. An optional insert panel with 16″w x 22″h (405 x 560mm) cut-out also allows you to use the fronts with a modern chairbrick fireplace or Gazco’s 16″ hotbox and convector gas fire.

In particular Eco Fires and Stoves recommends:

The Chelsea Cast Iron Front fireplace
The Chelsea Cast Iron Front Fireplace is a classic Fireplace with high quality castings Based on authentic period designs Flat wall installation (no chimney breast required) Choice of Chelsea, Belgravia or Burlington versions Optional matching insert panel (for convector gas fires) Choice of Fully Polished or Matt Black finish.

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