SERVICES In addition to manufacturing and supplying fireplaces we provide the following services:

  • Chimney lining for solid fuel and gas fires
  • Conformity to regulation installation standards
  • Repair and service of gas fires and stoves
  • Repair of stone fireplaces
  • Made to measure fireplaces
  • Surveys, advice and consultation
  • Supply of kiln dried logs and log stores
  • Improved efficiency fires
  • Art and mirrors
  • Fire guards, pokers and companion sets
  • Coals and logs for gas fires
  • Stone sealer

In some older properties safety regulations require the chimney to be lined to prevent fumes escaping into living areas. Our engineers will survey your property prior to installation and advise you about the work that has to be done and the installation cost. Correct installation can add to the value of your property and may avoid problems if the property is put up for sale.

A crane is used to lift the regulation flue liner up to roof level prior to insertion into the chimney stack.

The flue liner has been inserted into the chimney to be joined to the stove installation. When the stove has been correctly installed the liner will be trimmed to length to be inviisible from ground level.