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Fireline Fireplaces in Camberley

Re-instate a tradition and style from the past by enjoying the warmth and comfort of the Fireline Fireplace Collection

Choose the warmth and opulence of a Fireline fireplace. You choose from hand crafted Portuguese Limestone, Marble, Natural Wood, Cast Iron and Black Granite, all in a range of traditional and contemporary designs. Fireline will bring craftsmanship, beauty and warmth into your home. Eco Fires and Stoves installs Fireline Fireplaces in the Camberley Surrey, Yateley, Bagshot, Frimley and Woking areas. For installation advice and to view fireplaces please call us on 01252 612572.

In particular Eco Fires and Stoves recommends:

The Balmoral
In Portuguese limestone this is a distinctive, graceful and completely unforgettable fireplace.

Please access the above website for more information or call us on 01252 612572.