Gas Fire Servicing In Surrey and Hampshire

At Eco Fires and Stoves we recommend that your gas fire is serviced on a yearly basis and any worn of failing parts are replaced. The fact that modern gas fires are now much more efficient and refined in the way they operate, they still require expert servicing to keep them in perfect working order. Our […]

How to Choose a Gas Fireplace for Your Home

With the wide range of gas fireplaces available today, choosing the right one for your home can be an intimidating task. So how do you go about picking the right fire for your needs? What to look for when choosing a gas fire.  Here are some tips on choosing a gas fire for your home. […]

Eclipse Edge 100 Gas Fires Hampshire

Visit our Gas Fire and Wood Burning showroom in Chuch Crookham, Nr. Fleet Hampshire to see a wide range of working fires. The fire below is The Eclipse 100 gas fire comes with a Programmable thermostatic remote control to give you complete control over your fire.

Studio Slimline Gas Fires

Though ‘classic’ can sometimes be an overused word, it’s the one that instantly springs to mind when you catch a glimpse of Gazco’s stunning range of Studio gas fires. One reason for the sustained popularity of these models is their outstanding ability to set the tone for any interior space, and the great news is […]

Installing A Bellfire Large Horizon

Watch this video and we will show you how we transformed a typical 1980s built fireplace and inefficient fire into a modern high efficiency Bellfire Horizon fireplace. Starting with a very large brick fireplace, originally installed by Charles church homes, in a Farnham estate, these fireplaces were Popular in the 80s but now very dated with […]

Bellfires Premium Fire

Introducing Bellfires Premium Fires Gas fires have always offered a clean, controllable burn and some initially tried (unsuccessfully) to mimic the ‘living flame’ appeal of a natural fire. As designs evolved, we have watched gas fires gradually move away from soulless ‘fake-fire’ designs and begin to assert their own unique identity – and regardless of […]

The Gazco Riva 2/500 Gas Fires

Gazco Riva 2/500 Gas Range With some gas fires versatility just doesn’t work, whilst others have the ability to adapt, blend and link interior themes without losing an ounce of their characterful identity. In the opinion of countless more-than-satisfied customers, the Gazco Riva 2/500 stands firmly at the top of this latter category. Really good […]

The Unilux 6-40

Real class is extremely hard to conceal and our customers are always impresssed by the flawless design and pedigree of the Unilux-6 40 wood-burning stove. Though this premium product from Barbas may take just two weeks to build, it’s immediately clear that acquiring the know-how to create such a stunning centrepiece with instant eye-catching appeal […]

The Gazco Riva Range

Are you looking for a designer gas fire with radiant good looks to make a stylish centrepiece? A welcoming glow to warm the heart of every visitor? Or perhaps an efficient, reliable heat source which must be easy to operate and control? Then the good news is the Gazco Riva2 range more than meets each […]

Viewbell Derby 3 From Bellfires

In this video, Eco Fires and Stoves Director Pet Hillier talks about one of the latest gas fires to be installed in their gas showroom. The Viewbell Derby 3 comes in various sizes, pushes out 2-8kWh and is completely controllable by a remote control. If you would like to see a live working fire please […]