Bellfires Premium Fire

Introducing Bellfires Premium Fires

Gas fires have always offered a clean, controllable burn and some initially tried (unsuccessfully) to mimic the ‘living flame’ appeal of a natural fire. As designs evolved, we have watched gas fires gradually move away from soulless ‘fake-fire’ designs and begin to assert their own unique identity – and regardless of your perspective on (more…)

The Gazco Riva 2/500 Gas Fires

Gazco Riva 2/500 Gas Range

With some gas fires versatility just doesn’t work, whilst others have the ability to adapt, blend and link interior themes without losing an ounce of their characterful identity. In the opinion of countless more-than-satisfied customers, the Gazco Riva 2/500 stands firmly at the top of this latter category. Really good fires are never best sellers by chance, there’s always a reason, only with the Riva 2s we have to make that several reasons.

Gas fire showroom hampshire showing the Riva2 500

Classic innovators
Gazco, makers of the Riva 2/500, are part of the Stovax Group based in the English West Country. Now well into their fourth decade, Stovax are (more…)

Wood Burning Stoves Hampshire Clearview

Vincent Thurkettle is one of the U.K.’s leading experts on wood fires.

He has written the best selling ‘The Woodfire Handbook’, and is a Chartered Forester. (more…)

The Unilux 6-40

Real class is extremely hard to conceal and our customers are always impresssed by the flawless design and pedigree of the Unilux-6 40 wood-burning stove. Though this premium product from Barbas may take just two weeks to build, it’s immediately clear that acquiring the know-how to create such a stunning centrepiece with instant eye-catching appeal takes a great deal longer.

Gas Fire Shoroom Fleet HampshireBarbas Unilux 6:40

Dutch master craftsmen

All Unilux stoves are exclusively hand-crafted by Barbas in their factory at Bladel in the South Netherlands. Their distinctive manufacturing concept considers (more…)

Focus Fireplace Surrounds for Stoves

At Eco Fires and Stoves we notice that whilst customers are keenly aware of the impact a handsome stove can make, far fewer seem to be aware a finely crafted stove surround offers much more than just a defining framework. Thankfully, our selection of impressive surrounds created by Focus Fireplaces convincingly demonstrates how classic designs combined with outstanding craftsmanship can transform and breathe new life into a familiar interior space.

Beamish Surround For Stoves Hampshire

Where excellence comes as standard

Occupying a modern factory on the outskirts of York, for almost three decades Focus Fireplaces have specialised in producing the fine woodworking (more…)

Clearview Pioneer 400 Stove

The Pioneer 400 at first glance

Sporting elegant contours inspired by the local landscape, the Pioneer 400 stove is a perfect example of Clearview’s uncompromising attention to detail and desire to build a clean-burning stove to meet, and even exceed, the most demanding specifications. Customers tell us you don’t actually choose to buy a Pioneer 400, one look at this rugged and stylish thoroughbred and it chooses you!

uy Clearview Pioneer 400 stove fleet hampshire

Clearview Pioneer 400 Stove


Introducing Clearview Stoves

Clearview’s elegant stoves are crafted at a beautiful location which nestles among the valleys and uplands of the Shropshire Hills straddling England’s border with Wales. As well as many other treasures, this unspoilt region can boast Morris dancers, ancient packhorse bridges, and a handsome range of traditional hand-finished stoves designed and manufactured by the Clearview company.

Established in 1987, Clearview Stoves make woodburners of peerless quality using high-quality British steel and a seasoned blend of state-of-the-art precision technologies and meticulous craftsmanship.

Clearview from InSite Films on Vimeo.

For more help and information on Clearview Stoves, visit our stove showroom near Fleet in Hampshire

The Gazco Riva Range

Are you looking for a designer gas fire with radiant good looks to make a stylish centrepiece? A welcoming glow to warm the heart of every visitor? Or perhaps an efficient, reliable heat source which must be easy to operate and control? Then the good news is the Gazco Riva2 range more than meets each of these requirements, and the even better news is that, with a host of flexible options, any Riva2 can be precisely configured to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Gazco Riva 2/750 from our gas  fire showroom

A recent installation of the Gazco Riva 2/750 HL

Design heritage

It is no accident the design team at Gazco are past masters of their genre. (more…)

Viewbell Derby 3 From Bellfires

In this video, Eco Fires and Stoves Director Pet Hillier talks about one of the latest gas fires to be installed in their gas showroom.

The Viewbell Derby 3 comes in various sizes, pushes out 2-8kWh and is completely controllable by a remote control.

If you would like to see a live working fire please visit the showroom in Church Crookham near Fleet in Hampshire.

Bellfires Horizon Bell Gas Fire

This is the Horizon Bell Gas.

Pete Hillier, Director at Eco Fires and Stoves talks about some of the features of this fantastic gas fire.

Bellfires are based in Holland and offer some of the highest quality products on the market..