Gas Fire Servicing In Surrey and Hampshire

At Eco Fires and Stoves we recommend that your gas fire is serviced on a yearly basis and any worn of failing parts are replaced.

The fact that modern gas fires are now much more efficient and refined in the way they operate, they still require expert servicing to keep them in perfect working order.

Our experienced factory trained, dedicated engineers service and repair the following brands..

Gazco, New Flame, Trident, Valor Portway, Verine, Kinder, Flavel, FEF, Global, Focal Point, Eko, Kohlangaz, Celsi, Fabre, Drugasar, Bellfires, Robinson Willey, Baxi, Wonderfire, Legend and Jetmaster.

Our gas servicing schedule includes:

  • Dismantling the fuel bed and burner, clean out carbon and dust and check burners for correct operation.
  • Check for gas and fume leaks and check correct working gas pressures replace worn components and batteries.
  • Spillage test the appliance and flue checking for correct draw and to ensure there is no issue with Carbon monoxide entering the room.
  • Checking cowls and replacing if required.
  • Making sure your fire and fire surround meets current regulations keeping your household insurance valid.

These are the areas we cover:

Fleet, Church Crookham, Odiham, Farnham, Hartley Wintney, Farnborough, Farnham, Guildford, Yateley, Wokingham, Basingstoke, Camberley, Frimley, Deepcut,

Gas fire servicing Fleet, Farnham and Farnborough

Tour Of Our New Showroom Layout

In this video, I would like to show you around our new showroom layout.

We realise how difficult it is to choose a fire and then choose a separate surround, whether it be gas fire or log burning stove.

So now we offer the complete package. We have a wide range of fire surrounds on offer, but most of the ones we install are bespoke to fit the room and the individual fire and after fitting literally hundreds we can give you our expert on advice on choosing the best fireplace and surround.


Lighting A Wood Burning Stove

Watch Pete Hillier light a wood burning stove the proper way.

In this video Pete gives advice starting with a cold stove.

He talks about the need for a covering of ash, the types of wood you must use for great success and how to build out the fire using natural materials.

Pete is a director of Eco Fires and Stoves in Church Crookham and his company have fitted hundreds of wood burning stoves across the south of England.

Meet The Stove Doctor

Meet Danny Hillier AKA the Stove Doctor 

Why you need to have your flue serviced regularly.


Meet Danny Hillier, THE Stove Doctor from

In this video he talks to Sean Usher about, why you need to regularly have your flue serviced. He talks of the importance of having a clean chimney.

Why you should use seasoned Logs Why, when moving into a new house with an open fireplace you should consider having the chimney cleaned before you use it.

Before booking your next chimney sweep talk to a local companies with the experience of not only flue and chimney cleaning but also a background in stove maintenance.

Danny covers a 20 mile radius of Fleet, including Basingstoke, Farnham, Aldershot, Camberley and all areas in between.

14 Shepherds Walk
Farnborough GU14 9EZ
Phone: 01276 602326

How to Choose a Gas Fireplace for Your Home

With the wide range of gas fireplaces available today, choosing the right one for your home can be an intimidating task. So how do you go about picking the right fire for your needs? What to look for when choosing a gas fire. 

Here are some tips on choosing a gas fire for your home.

Firstly, the type of gas fireplace:

Although a modern gas fire can be fitted into virtually any property, the type of fire suitable for your home will depend on the type of flue, or whether you have a flue at all.

If you live in an older property, pre-1960, you will almost certainly have a traditional fireplace and chimney as the main flue. Make sure it hasn’t been blocked off by a previous owner to help retain warmth.

As solid fuel fires went out of vogue in the 1970’s and central heating became the norm, fireplaces and chimneys were replaced with flat walls, and what are known as pre-cast flues. These are hollow concrete blocks which run up inside the cavity wall to the roof and a raised ridge tile, which allows the noxious gases to vent to the outside.

Finally, you may well live in a modern house with no flue. Even so, there are now a large range of balanced flues gas fires available, which will suit your purpose.

But don’t worry our experienced staff can give you all the advice you need when it comes to fitting the gas fire of your choice.

What is the gas fire’s purpose?

So, now we know the type of fire that… (more…)

Eclipse Edge 100 Gas Fires Hampshire

Visit our Gas Fire and Wood Burning showroom in Chuch Crookham, Nr. Fleet Hampshire to see a wide range of working fires.

The fire below is The Eclipse 100 gas fire comes with a Programmable thermostatic remote control to give you complete control over your fire.

Installing A Pumice Chimney

In this video we’ll show you from start to finish how we installed a brick chimney with a pumice lining

This customer originally asked for a quote on a steel flue system, however it wasn’t until he was advised of the benefits of a real chimney that he opted for  a new brick chimney.

The two most important factors were the appearance from the outside of the house and that it saved a lot of space inside the room.

We created a nice large opening inside so he could have the stove installed onto a simple hearth connecting directly to the chimney.  There is no need for a steel liner with a pumice chimney..


Within the past few years you will have noticed more and more (more…)

Pumice Chimneys – Eco Chimney Solutions

Eco Chimney Solutions

Within the past few years you will have noticed an increased number of metal flues installed on the side of houses. Some of these are poorly installed with cheap, inferior products and are now beginning to look tatty and many are starting to lean over. Not only are these an eye sore they can also become dangerous.

We are specialists in chimney building and repairs in Surrey and Hampshire

Anyone who has used Eco fires to install there metal flues will know that we refuse to install any other flue than Poujoulat TI 316 stainless steel flue system which is known in the industry as the best. (more…)

Studio Slimline Gas Fires

Though ‘classic’ can sometimes be an overused word, it’s the one that instantly springs to mind when you catch a glimpse of Gazco’s stunning range of Studio gas fires. One reason for the sustained popularity of these models is their outstanding ability to set the tone for any interior space, and the great news is that a specially designed Studio Slimline version is available. So even if your living room has just a cavity wall and no chimney breast, it’s still possible to create your own distinctive version of the Studio look.


Installing A Bellfire Large Horizon

Watch this video and we will show you how we transformed a typical 1980s built fireplace and inefficient fire into a modern high efficiency Bellfire Horizon fireplace.

Starting with a very large brick fireplace, originally installed by Charles church homes, in a Farnham estate, these fireplaces were Popular in the 80s but now very dated with a disproportionate fire opening.


Starting to carefully remove the old brickwork, you can see these fireplaces were built against the wall and plasterboard was the fitted around the surround. (more…)